my gluten free valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you are surrounded by the ones you love today. If you are looking for some sweet ideas that you can indulge on your sweetheart, or on yourself, we have some great gluten free Valentine ideas for you.

Who does't like getting chocolate? Beta 5 Chocolates makes chocolate look as beautiful as it tastes. Check out some of what they offer: salted chocolate caramels, polygon bars, hot chocolate sticks, aerated rocks, and a valentine's seasonal gift box.

Beta 5 chocolate is gluten free, but a few chocolate items are not: Bar - Crunchy, Filled - Crispy Praline and Whisky, Pebbles - Malt Balls. Beta 5 also makes cookies and desserts which are not all gluten free, so the kitchen is not dedicated. Please purchase with your discretion. You can shop online or visit their Vancouver shop at 413 Industrial Avenue, they are open until 6pm today.

We have put together some of our favorite baking and gift ideas on a special Valentine's Board on our Pinterest page. Look at these cute owl Valentine's card printables! Just add your favorite gluten free candy like Yummy Earth suckers.

Look how easy these would be to make, just follow our gluten free rice krispie square recipe, and use a heart shaped cookie cutter, and you have a perfect valentine's treat for your little valentines!

I always get a little more time to pull my Valentine's baking together since my husband's birthday is the day after Valentine's day. So I usually spend this day baking with my daughter Pilar. She loves baking, especially for dad. Last year we made gluten free Nutella Buckeyes.

Today I am going to attempt this beautiful rainbow cake. It looks so pretty. I haven't decided how to make it yet, from scratch maybe, or if I am running out of time, I will use Betty Crocker cake mixes and frosting and add gluten free food coloring to achieve the color gradiations. (who am I kidding, I don't have time, so Betty Crocker it is!)

What will you do for your sweetheart(s) today?

Happy Valentine's Day!  Andrea.