gluten free ice cream last!

photo credit: gluten free vancouverIt is so hot here in Vancouver right now! And for Andrea and I, ice cream is one of our all time summer favorite indulgences (well anytime of year really). But like everything else, even ice cream can contain gluten, so you still have to be careful even in this food category. The general rule of thumb for ensuring your ice cream is gluten free is quite simple, any flavor that has a wafer or cookie in it, it is not safe to eat. Having a gluten allergy automatically rules out ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cones altogether too. For those with celiac disease, you will need to also be mindful of cross contamination with flavors that do contain gluten, so it is important to read product websites, or to call the manufacturer to be certain. Also if you are buying ice cream by the scoop, I recommend asking the server to use a fresh, clean ice cream scoop as well. 

We both thought gluten free ice cream cones would be out of the question with no gluten free cones in sight. However a few months ago we discovered a product called Goldbaum’s that is available through the Gluten Free Mall or Amazon. And we couldn't wait to try them, but ordering across the border can be a pain sometimes, you know? Well we have good news for all you Vancouverites! We have recently found Goldbaum's at Choices Markets!!! In addition to being gluten free, Goldbaum's are also dairy free, soy free and nut free.

Now that the hard part has been made easy, the only other thing to do is find your favorite gluten free ice cream! Haagen Dazs regular flavours like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, are gluten free. The Haagen Dazs Extras, and the cookies and cream flavour, are not. We would also like to tell you about a great dairy free ice cream made with coconut milk called So Delicious. Most of their coconut milk ice cream products are gluten free, you can read their product listing here to be sure. I love the coconut flavour and the vanilla bean flavour. 

Andrea recently discovered another coconut milk ice cream called Coconut Bliss, which is organic, gluten free and vegan. Whether you are celiac or not, you will loves these ice cream cones! Just like my niece Pilar, as you can see in the photo. In fact one of her new first words is 'cream cone'. She loves them, and so will you!

Happy days indeed!  Robyn.