gluten free mac & cheese

photo credit: annie's homegrownI have seen the Annie's Homegrown brand of instant pastas and mac & cheese many many times while shopping at either Choices or Whole Foods, and once I checked to see if it was gluten free, and sadly it wasn't. Since then I haven't really given it much notice. However, last week I was shopping in my new neighborhood (I moved two weeks ago, been busy!), Gastown, and I was combing the aisles in my new local grocery store to see what gluten free items they sell, and I noticed Annie's Homegrown natural products once again. I decided to check them out box by box. and you know what I found? Annie's Homegrown Rice Pasta & Cheddar, and it's gluten free!

I had to try it, so I bought a box. I made it for lunch and it was so good! I was never really a fan of Kraft Dinner, but from what I remember it tasting like, Annie's is very similar, but better! Annie's uses only natural ingredients, one hundred percent real cheddar, and one hundred percent rice pasta. All of Annie's products are preservative free and additive free, and they don't contain anything artificial. Annie's Homegrown has been around since 1989, and they are committed to making the world a better place through Community Giving Programs, and Sustainable Agriculture Scholarships. That is a lot of care put into one little box of mac & cheese! The only thing I think Annie's could do better, is to add gluten free mac & cheese to their organic line

Have you been missing your mac & cheese? You should try Annie's! Yes I know you can easily make your own homemade gluten free mac & cheese, but for you busy people, it's a great time saver. It's also nostalgia in a box for many of you I'm sure, you know, when you were a college student eating on the cheap. It's easy to cook, and only requires 1/4 cup of fresh milk or yogurt to make the cheese sauce. It's actually perfect to take camping, both adults and kids will love it!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!  Andrea.