the gluten free epicurean

photo credit: the gluten free epicureanA few weeks ago, Robyn and I were really excited to stumble upon The Gluten Free Epicurean, a dedicated gluten free baking business here in Vancouver! The owner and baker is Delainy Mackie, who is Celiac and has been living gluten free for over ten years. We first found Delainy's boutique bakery on the Baker's Market Vancouver website, and eventually found her and her gluten free wears at the recent Got Craft Market. When we arrived around 2 pm the Gluten Free Epicurean was virtually sold out! We missed out on Delainy's cupcakes, but we did try her nanaimo bars, cookies, lemon squares, and sausage rolls. I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to eat a nanaimo bar! 

Delainy's Epicurean table at the craft market was buzzing the whole time we were there. In fact her customers are gluten free and even the non-gluten free alike. According to Delainy, most customers don't even realize they are buying gluten free, and the taste and texture of Delainy's baking does not give away that fact either. When market shoppers who do require gluten free, because of a gluten intolerance, stumble upon the Gluten Free Epicurean, they are simply amazed, as were we!

Delainy's presentation of her baking was also reminiscent of a vintage era bake sale. She was wearing what seemed to be a vintage apron, white and feminine, and her baking was presented on assorted silver trays, and cake stands. It was pretty and extremely inviting. Then there is Delainy herself, a photographer by trade, she is so welcoming, you just want to get to know her. She seems like such a pro, but in fact she created The Gluten Free Epicurean only six months ago! 

Delainy's mom and aunt were also Celiac and lived gluten free for many years, but sadly both passed away from cancer last year. Both women were instrumental in Delainy's discovery of her gluten intolerance, and subsequently her road to recovery. Delainy's mom and aunt taught her to cook and bake gluten free without sacrificing taste. Ensuring that high quality ingredients are used is also of utmost importance. Delainy is putting all she's learned from these two very important women into her baking business, and she's doing it all on her own!

Recently Delainy has started something new that we think is brilliant—her take & bake items! You can order frozen pizza crust, cinnamon buns, sausage rolls, and cookie dough online. All you need to do is defrost, and in the case of the pizza crust and cinnamon buns, let them rise, then bake! I also think her prices are very reasonable, especially considering Delainy implements sustainable, organic, nutra farmed, free range, and unsprayed ingredients.

For the moment, you can purchase Delainy's Epicurean delights at the upcoming Blim Community Markets on May 23rd and June 20th, from 11am to 4pm. You can also order online on the Gluten Free Epicurean website. Delainy's dream however, is to find a more permanent location for the Gluten Free Epicurean, and she is currently scouting for the perfect Vancouver spot. Imagine an easy going, friendly tea shop, and a totally gluten free environment, where you can sip tea and nibble on cupcakes, dessert bars, cheese buns, cinnamon buns (I know!), mini loaves, cookies, sausage rolls, and nanaimo bars! It's truly a dream come true for Robyn and I, and I'm sure for Delainy too!

We hope you fall in love with the Gluten Free Epicurean as much as we have. See you at the markets, and get there early!  Andrea.

Update: The Gluten Free Epicurean is soon to be located at 633 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver BC.