gluten free soup makes me happy

photo credit: happy planetTis the season to get sick. And worse, no longer can I soothe my sorrows with campbells soup and premium plus crackers.  After a lot of research (and patience) Andrea and I have found excellent alternatives that are even better than before. Last flu season, I discovered that Happy Planet, a local fruit juice manufacturer, had launched a soup line, that is also gluten free. I noticed their website states that ‘most’ of their soups are gluten free. Curious to know what flavors are not safe, I spoke to Happy Planet customer service and was advised that all of the soups that they make are gluten free. However, they noted that their french mushroom wine sauce, one of six natural sauces that Happy Planet also makes, is produced on the same line, and contains wheat flour. The other five flavours are gluten free, and quality control and allergen program is in place to reduce the chance of cross contamination. 

The soups come in six flavors; berkeley butternut squash, moroccan chic pea, louisiana corn chowder, tuscan tomato, thai coconut and armenian lentil. Happy Planet soups do not contain modified milk ingredients, hydrogenated oils, corn starch, flour or wheat flour, and the label ‘gluten free’ is indicated on the back of the package. It's always a good idea to check for the gluten free label, just to be sure. Living gluten free means being a bit of an ingredient detective.

Pacific Natural Foods is another brand that carries a variety of products such as soups, broths and soy beverages that accommodate gluten free, dairy free, vegan and kosher diets. For a listing of all gluten free foods from Pacific Natural Foods, click here

But what about the premium plus cracker alternative to have with your happy soup? Andrea and I did a review of Ener-g and Glutino’s crackers a few weeks ago, to read all about it, click here. I am addicted to both crackers and was pleasantly surprised to find that Ener-g crackers are really good! Ener-g bread, however is not the best tasting option out there. For more information and recommendations on gluten free bread, read here

Happy Planet soups are available at Choices Market, Whole Foods, Save-On Foods, Safeway, Costco, Capers on Robson, Urbanfare, Meinhardt, and Stongs. Happy Planet is also available from Spud. Pacific Natural Foods are available at Choices Market, Whole Foods, Buy Low, Save-On Foods, and Stongs.

Get Well Soon! Robyn